Ekopesantren Program

The spread of Islamic boarding schools that are not only located in urban areas (urban) will determine the type of contextual environmental activities that can be carried out in a pesantren. Therefore, the work on program design for an eco-pesantren should be adjusted to the abilities and empowerment of each pesantren. So the first role of the task force is to identify programs or environmental work plans that can be adopted for a pesantren.


Environmentally Based Curriculum Program

Problems are not only related to natural science lessons, but these lessons can be linked to all subject matter in Islamic boarding schools, including religious, language, biology, chemistry, physics, social and other subjects. Because environmental issues are a cross-knowledge problem, because all human activities must have an impact. And the solution can also be done with various activities, both social and environmental actions.

Pesantren has a strong influence not only for the pesantren, but also for the surrounding community with various real activities with activities or with awareness programs.

Environmental Fiqh Lesson Integration Program

Islamic boarding school is a community in the field of religious education that has long been growing in Indonesia. Enrichment of knowledge to students about the environment, needs to be deepened both in the extra-curricular and intra-curricular curriculum. With autonomy, a pesantren can provide additional or special lessons about the environment related to Islamic teachings (Environmental Fiqh). The implementation can be done through integration in learning fiqh muamalah and worship delivered through theory or practice in the pesantren community.

Human Resource Improvement Program in the Environmental Field

Educators in pesantren, it is very necessary to understand the challenges of the living environment and its problems, both the social and natural environment around the pesantren. For this reason, human resources with adequate knowledge and capacity are needed. Teachers who receive enlightenment or training on the environment can convey messages of sustainable nature conservation among Islamic boarding schools and the community. The eco-pesantren program becomes a medium for activities related to increasing the capacity and knowledge of educators so that they can become a mouthpiece in conveying nature and environmental conservation activities.

Pesantren Land Program

Utilization of pesantren land, whether it has a large and limited area, can be managed as optimally as possible, so that it is useful, both in terms of beauty and the environment. Not only fertile areas that do not need to be treated with various fertilizers, but on arid lands can be done various treatments so that the land can be planted both for agriculture, animal husbandry and fisheries.

This eco-pesantren program can provide several ways in utilizing land so that it can be managed into useful land for Islamic boarding schools, with various activities that are easy and can be carried out by pesantren and the surrounding community.

Water Resources

is the source of life, and clean water is a very vital need for human life. Water can be abundant in one place, but it can also be very limited. If a little becomes friends, but if a lot can lead to destruction. When the rainy season arrives, abundant water becomes a disaster for mankind, but during the dry season, there is a lot of news about drought. For this reason, water conservation is closely related to rain catchment areas in the form of forests, because forests have a function to store and distribute water, through springs.

For this reason, the water program is used as a program in eco-pesantren activities, in order to provide knowledge and become educational material in activities at Islamic boarding schools. For example, saving water for ablution, water management using rainwater (water harvesting), in order to save electricity for watering plants and so on.

Healthy Living Program

There are many bad effects that can be caused by unhealthy environmental conditions and the bad impacts themselves can be related to many things. For example, the habit of most people today who always use vehicles even when traveling relatively close distances has caused air pollution which of course makes the air in the environment unhealthy. Unhealthy air is certainly a bad condition considering that all members of society need air to breathe daily and unhealthy air will certainly make anyone who breathes it unhealthy. This, of course, is not the only bad impact of an unhealthy environment.

Islamic boarding schools can be a learning area like the pesantren community and the surrounding community. Pesantrens that have large areas of land can demonstrate activities related to environmental actions such as tree planting based on biodiversity conservation, live pharmacies (planting medicinal plants), organic farming for the consumption of the pesantren community and santri.

Waste and Garbage Program

Waste or waste materials, whether produced by human activities or natural processes that do not yet have economic value, are now a problem, not only in big cities or in rural areas, if not managed properly.

Waste can be in the form of solid and liquid, some can still be recycled such as organic waste, for various purposes, such as for organic fertilizers, but some are not easily recycled, such as chemical waste. Or plastic waste can be used into useful goods.

For this reason, the Islamic boarding school community really needs to be given some knowledge about waste management, especially in the Islamic boarding school environment, so as not to cause pollution.

Energy Resource Program

Savings can be done in Islamic boarding schools by controlling energy consumption, both electrical energy such as lighting, air conditioning, cooking, using water pumping equipment, electric tools and so on that use electrical energy. Saving means that the pesantren also saves the use of natural resources, especially from fossil fuels which are the cause of climate change.

The use of renewable energy, such as solar energy, hydropower and wind can be considered as a point in the continuity of meeting energy needs in Islamic boarding schools and in the community. Pesantren can be an example and a driving force for the habituation of effective and efficient energy use and familiarize the behavior of people who are aware of the importance of saving energy and utilizing renewable energy.

Transportation Program

The more advanced human thinking to create super-fast vehicles using fuel taken from limited natural resources, and the more worrying. Due to the excessive use of natural resources, it will lead to an energy crisis, in addition to increasing pollution. This was previously unthinkable. So now people are increasingly aware of things that use excessive energy.

Transportation is an important tool in helping human mobilization, students and academic members can switch to environmentally friendly transportation, for example using bicycles or public transportation to avoid wasting natural resources (oil and gas). Assessment can be done by providing restrictions or restrictions on the use of vehicles that are not environmentally friendly.

Biodiversity Biological Program

natural resources are often defined as capital to produce only products and services. In the case of biodiversity, it should refer to the overall aspects of life support systems which include social, economic and environmental aspects as well as aspects of knowledge and ethical systems, and the links between these various aspects.

Biodiversity programs in the eco-pesantren program, not only Islamic boarding schools which have a large enough land, but also need to participate in nature conservation activities, both flora and fauna. This participation can be carried out within the boarding school environment, for example planting trees that are food for animals such as birds, preserving insects that help in pollinating plants or being able to provide education to the community about the importance of preserving protected animals to remain in their natural nature. This activity can be used as a lesson in biology and other natural sciences.

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